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Brief History of The Great Folk Scare

Digital Tradition Folksong Database has the lyrics to thousands of folk songs.

Folk Artists.  Web pages of, by or for folk musicians.

Folk Den.  Roger McGuinn says "The purpose of this page is to use the medium of the World Wide Web to continue the tradition of the folk process..."

Folk U.S.A. clips  Concert clips of Ian & Sylvia, Kingston Trio, etc.

Ozark Folksongs contains transcriptions and audio files to hundreds of  folksongs collected by John Quincy Wolf from 1952-1970.  Website also contains info on Sacred Harp singing and Memphis Blues.   By Spring 2003 site will include recordings of several bluesmen visiting Wolf’s folklore classes.

Protest Songs.  Comments on the state of protest music today.

Sing Out! magazine was the monthly "bible reading" for folk music fans then (and now). 

The Ballad Tree  Hugh Blumenfeld's Folk Music Portal, including free MP3 downloads.

Usenet discussion group on general folk music topics.  For discussion related specifically to the Great Folk Scare consider subscribing to our free Virtual Coffeehouse.

Webcasts:  WUMB out of Boston offers streamed TranitionalContemporary and "Xtreme" folk 24/7
And you may also enjoy this show of traditional music from Ireland and Great Britain, archives available.

Concert Vault (free but you have to register) includes this full track audio playlist of 60s and later female folksingers

Joe Bussard  A hard-core 78 rpm fiend, Joe Bussard has spent a lifetime pursuing rare surviving examples of early 20th century American music. His private archive contains more than 25,000 obscure recordings from the golden age of old-time music, country blues etc. Now he shares it with the world through custom-made tapes and pre-recorded CD's of his vintage 78s.  

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